The Resting Zone is the sleeping zone. There are two kinds of sleep. In "still" sleep your baby looks like he is really asleep. His body is still; his eyes stay shut. He breathes deeply and is quiet.

"Active" sleep looks like your baby is waking up. He wiggles, startles, pants, vocalizes, and even cries out. Don't be tricked. He is still asleep, but in "active" sleep.

In the Ready Zone your baby's eyes become bright and open. His activity decreases and he looks like he is paying attention to you. Your baby is ready to eat or play in this zone.

The Rebooting Zone is the fussing or crying zone. His movement is jerky, his face grimaces, his breathing increases and is irregular. He whimpers, fusses, or cries.

This H.U.G. DVD teaches you how to recognize these zones and how to help your baby transition from one zone to another in order to sleep, eat, and play well.

SOS (Signs of Over-Stimulation)
When babies experience too much stimulation they send out an SOS. They have changes in their skin color, movement, or breathing. In addition, you may see them Spacing Out, Switching Off, or Shutting Down.